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    eDrawings markup disabled

    Fred Rasmussen

      I'm trying to use the stamp tool in eDrawings, but the stamps are not visible and a message says...


      "The stamp feature is not available. See help for information on how to enable this feature."


      Same goes for the markup tool. No options to put a markup. Everything is gray-ed out.


      eDrawings 2010 SP2.

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          Wayne Tiffany

          Can you enable measure?  What's the chance that you also have a non-Pro version on your machine and that's the one that is open instead?



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              Fred Rasmussen

              I think the problem stemmed from the fact I am testing SP3 of Enterprise PDM on my PC. The company has an Active Directory policy to put SP2 on my PC and most likely it re-installed it for me when I wasn't looking. There were several instances of EPDM and the markup problem surfaced AFTER I began using the markup and stamp tools recently.


              My VAR gave me these instructions that I think are good to use when upgrading...




              How do  I manually remove all instances of edrawings for a clean reinstall - for example  when troubleshooting preview problems in PDMWorks  Enterprise?



              Use  these instructions to remove all instances of eDrawings found on a system in  order to cleanly install a new version.  This can be useful when troubleshooting  problems with edrawings preview in PDMWorks Enterprise.


              1. Try to uninstall all instances of eDrawings found via  add/remove programs first. Note that some applications such as SolidWorks  Enterprise PDM, SolidWorks Explorer or SolidWorks could have installed eDrawings  as part of the application install - in these cases you should modify that  installation and select to remove edrawings.


              2. To  find out if there are multiple versions installed on the system, search the  whole system for "eDrawingOfficeAutomator.exe". 
              Delete any folders containing that exe.  The common  eDrawings install folders are normally found under:
              C:\Program Files\Common  Files\eDrawings200x
              C:\Program Files  (x86)\Common Files\eDrawings200x  (on 64-bit OS)
              C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks  eDrawings
              C:\Program Files  (x86)\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks eDrawings (on 64-bit OS)


              3. Delete the common eDrawings registry  keys:


              4. Verify that the following key does not have any dll  entries pointing to the eDrawings install folders (deleted in step 2). If  entries are found - delete them:


              5. Reboot the system


              6. Download and reinstall latest eDrawings Viewer or  install from the SolidWorks install media.

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                  Wayne Tiffany

                  The last reminder on that list needs to be that if you have plain SW, and you have SEPDM, you need to install eDrawings through SEPDM.  It comes with eDrawings Pro and the plain version of SW will install the non-pro version of eDrawings.  Therefore, also, if you are installing SW, and will install SEPDM after that, do not install eDrawings with the SW install - do it with the SEPDM install.