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    SP3.0 for EPDM 2010

    Mike Sveda

      Has anyone installed SP3.0 yet or plan to?  I did not see any SPR fixes on the customer portal yet. I was wondering what is fixed and may now be broken?  We are still on Sp1.0.  

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Mike -


          The SPR fixed list should now be available on the customer portal.


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              Todd Puckett

              We upgraded from EPDM 2010 SP2 to SP3 last Friday evening.  5 Archive servers, 1 Database server, and the Web server in less than an hour without any issues.

              Clients took a little longer with all the custom installs, plug-ins for AutoCAD 2008, 2010, Inventor 2010, SolidWorks 2010, and then 64 and 32 bit.  This is the best version since 9.3, we've had numerous AutoCAD/Xref related issues which seem to be resolved with SP3.  Our VAR will be relieved.


              Apparently SP0 was for SolidWorks 2010 compatibility, SP1 was for Inventor 2010, and SP2 was for AutoCAD 2010 full compatibility.  SP3 actually fixed some bugs (80 SPR's).