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    Hole Table sees same hole as different

    Richard Juchniewicz
      So I have a part with a series of holes. To make the part drawing much cleaner looking I've been using the hole table. However, I noticed that holes generated from the same sketch and feature are coming up in the hole table as different size, thus with different tag letters.

      Does anyone know way this is happening? It's irritating that I cannot merger the size cells together (even though they are the exact same size) because solidworks sees them as being different.
        • Hole Table sees same hole as different
          Anna Wood
          Can you post your sldprt and slddrw that has this behavior? Zip into an archive and upload the zip file.

          Also what version and SP of SW are you using?

          I have had this happen on rare occasion in older versions of SW. It has been awhile since I have seen this happen. I use hole charts extensively for our tooling details.

          Nothing you can do to fix it that I was ever able to figure out. When that would happen I would just live with it.

          Be sure to report this to your VAR with the files so they can pass it along to SW.