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    Problem Linking Variable to Custom Property

    Jim Sculley

      I am having problems linking varibles to custom properties.  For the most part it works, but I have found that if I have a variable which is not linked to a control on a data card, the value will not propagate to the custom properties.  For example, if I have a 'Set Variable' action that sets a 'DWG_REVISION' variable to '%nextrevision%', and the 'DWG_REVISION' variable has an Attribute named 'Revision' in the block 'CustomProperty', the action never occurs.  The file will go through the transition and the drawing file will not have a 'Revision' custom property.  If I add an Edit Box to the drawing card and link the box to the 'DWG_REVISION' variable, passing through the transition will now trigger the action and the custom property appears.


      I assume that this is by design.  If so, it seems like a silly restriction.


      Jim S.

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          Frank Pampreen



          That is by design, and yes I agree it is a silly restriction.  It is my number one enhancement request. I often use variables to control the documents path in a WF that the user does not need to see in the data card, however, this restriction makes it so.  Of course there are ways of hiding the variable in the data card so it doesn't show, but in my opinion an annoying work around.



          Frank Pampreen


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            Daniel Rohats

            This is a silly restriction and one that has been in the software since day 1 when it was called Conisio.  There are 2 ways we work through this problem.

            1. Make the variable read-only on the data card so that no one can mess with it.

            2. Put control logic on the card to grey it out or hide it completely.  Even if it is hidden or greyed out, the system will still write a property to it, and therefore transfer it to your drawing or other file through custom properties and attributes.