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    Command Manager Moving

      Running 2008 SP2.1.
      4 GB RAM
      Quadro FX1700 with 162.65 Driver

      When selecting the different tabs on Command Manager, it will eventually start placing a second set of button rows at the top of the screen as a "ghost" row. If I move my mouse arrow over this ghost row it will wipe out the extra buttons to reveal the menu drop down row underneath. Anybody else seeing this or am I just lucky?
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          Basil Gello
          you are not the alone experiencing this problem. Same XP64, same SW2008 sp2.1 x64 and the same bug first discovered by mine in sp1.0. I think it is a bug of a window function inside the SW app, so we have to put a service request to get it fixed. I will send it, however it is not so annoying to be greatly disturbed.

          Regards, Basil
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            Mark Reader
            FYI: I've had it on my 32-bit XP since the beginning (Quadro FX 3500 w/ latest certified drivers). I also just set up SW on a brand new XP 64 box with a Quadro FX 1700 and latest certified drivers with the same result.
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              Reported the Bug in SW 2008 Beta 2 reported in SP0, SP1 and SP2, I had to role back from SP3 to SP2 because of many other significant error, but the good news is it looks like the command manager issue if fixed
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                  John Matrishon
                  Hey all,

                  I've witnessed it here at work on a couple machines (32bit), and some other bizarre stuff since upgrading to 08. One issue was with no icons in the title bar, and not being able to add anything to the new usable space in the title bar. This error seems to stem from the registry getting corrupt. SW seems to be aware of this, or at least our var was.

                  Try running SW from within sw RX and if it runs fine, you may have a registry issue.