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Conics in SW2009

Question asked by Harold Brunt on Nov 20, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by Emilio Graff
I had posted a response and an example file to an older thread regarding conics in SW08 suggesting a possible solution for those looking for an editible conic sketch function. I was also hoping for confirmation since I hadn't had the time to run anything at that point. Since then I have modeled an aspheric lens with data supplied from one of our vendors and ran the optical design software. The focal length calculation matches for the lens I modeled.

WooHoo a data point of one. I'd say I'm good to go. Anyway, for anybody wanting to try conic sketches as guide curves or whatever in SW09 without using a DT or API, this is what I did:

The formula is y=(x^2/R)/(1+(1-(1+b)/(x/R)^2)^.5)
where x = the start and end points ( 0 and the lens diameter /2)
R = the lens prescription radius
b = the conic constant (Rho)

For a sphere the conic = 0; for an Ellipse 0>b>-1; for a Parabola b = -1; and for a Hyperbola b< -1

I found the formula at this telescope design website:

"> http://bi-staff.beckman.uiuc.e...s_info.html