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    command manager

      I am an instructor new to  Solidworks with what is probably a simple question.


      Some of my students have lost the command manager at the top of the screen.  I have gone to help and followed the directions.  In tools under customize, the command manager is checked but it is not visible on the screen.  I mark it and it under view and it still does not show up.  I am not sure what they have done to loose it.




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          Troy Peterson

          Try RMC in any grey area of the toolbars and select command manager, it is the first one in the list.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            The Tools > Customize > Enable > Command Manger option should toggle the CM visibility. If the right mouse click suggested by Troy doesn't work, you may have to reset the registry key for SW.

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              Thanks for the info.


              I have tried both of these methods, and niether has worked.   Command manager and large icon with text are checked both times and the command manager is still not visible.  What is my next step?




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                Kieran Choy

                Without going in to details (you can do that where I got this information from here: http://www.dansdata.com/gz070.htm), Windows actually has a much larger desktop than is even visible on dual or quad or whatever stupid number of monitors you may have. For example, when you "Minimize" a window, Windows actually moves this window to the co-ordinates -32000, -32000.


                So it's very possible, as you've possibly discovered, to move stuff off the visible desktop. A great little (free!) program to keep in your virtual Windows tool box is Force Display:




                ...which essentially lists all windows in Windows, and lets you bring them back to the visible area. I haven't used it in Vista (or with Win7 for that matter), so I can't guarantee it will work, but it's worth a shot.

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                  Thanks both!

                  I never used dual mornitor and don't have another monitor to check whether that's a problem, but I tried the "Force Windows Display" software but did not find anything unusual. I will try to  reset my solidworks reg files. First I need to do a complete back up of all the stuff in my computer. Will let you how it works out....

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                    Bill Stadler

                    3 years later and we are seeing this same issue.  This typically happens to us if the user docs the command manager on the right or the left.  If you set the dock key to 1 it fixes the issue until they move the command manager again. Usually when it goes bad the "Dock State" = 3.



                    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks\Solidworks 2012\User Interface\CommandManager]

                    "Show Description"="0"

                    "Dock State"="1"


                    We have been seeing this since SW2010 and still in SW2012 SP4.  Win7 XP


                    I have never reported this because I can not reproduce it at will.