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    Customize Open & Save As dialog box

    Nick Grisco

      I am looking to change the shortcut file locations that show up on the left side of the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Solidworks. I have changed the Windows registry to modify the dialog boxes in most of the other programs on my computer and that worked great. But when I try it in Solidworks, there are still just the default locations listed there. It's like the dialog boxes in Solidworks are looking somewhere else for these file locations. Is it possible to change these shortcuts in Solidworks? Thanks!



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          Daymon Hoffman



          I'm afraid i can't help you but i just wanted to say that the Open dialog box in SW has been a major thawn in my jocks for years!  Its one of the most ridiculously coded, inefficiant,  real estate hogging, un-customizable dialogs i have ever seen.  Hell even AutoCAD's Open dialog box is HEAVEN compared to SW's!!  I recon i could do a better bit of UI Coding on my first attempt at it then this poor excuse for a dialog box.  And i've NEVER seen user interface software code in my life...


          SWC.... Fix the damn thing up already FFS!!!!


          Example of Heaven and Hell attached for the curious.

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Hi Nick,


            Unfortunately, back when this dialog was implemented, there was no standard, customizable file locations section on the left available from Microsoft and we had to build our own dialog that mixes some standard Microsoft elements with our own to provide access to configurations, drawing sheets, etc. Doing so made it so we didn't automatically get the customizable locations area on the left hand side when Microsoft did add it. So, for XP, there is no control over this area.


            When we developed our version for Vista, we did have to re-code this entire dialog and since Microsoft had a lot more functionality available in their new dialog, we were able to use their standard dialog and just customize it through their standard APIs instead of mimicing it.


            So, the long story short, on XP, this is not customizable and will not be (since SolidWorks 2011 is the last version to be supported on XP and we don't have plans to add customizability for SolidWorks 2011). For both Vista and Windows 7, the dialog has the standard Microsoft behaviors and can be customized in the same way as it is elsewhere in the OS.


            I hope this helps explain what is happening,