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    EPDM 2009 - Copy Tree With File Rename

    Michael Dekoning

      I know that EPDM 2010 has an option to rename the files created when doing a copy tree function. Has anyone come up with a clever way to do this in EPDM 2009? I need to somehow do this prior to the release of 2010.




      EPDM 2009 SP3

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          Adam Meyer
          You can do this with EPDM 2009.  Just click on the target path and enter a new name.
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            Brian Endres
            I know that you can add a prefix or suffix by hitting the "Transform" button when you do a copy tree, but I don't think you can do a full rename in 2009...
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                Adam Meyer

                There are two ways to rename a file using copy tree.  Either click on the filename in the "Target Path" or click Transform>>>Replace.



                Also, from the help file:


                To copy files with references:

                1. Browse to the parent file, right-click it, and select Copy Tree.

                2. In the dialog box, click Browse and  navigate to the destination folder.

                3. Select an option for how to copy the files:

                  • Copy files to folder. Copies all referenced  files to the Destination folder.

                  • Copy files to compressed archive: Copies all referenced files into a compressed archive  stored in the Destination folder. The  compression tool specified in the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM settings is used. If  no compression tool is specified, a compressed Windows archive is  created.

                1. Set the remaining  options:

                  • Transform.  Lets you add prefixes or suffixes or change file names.

                  • Include Drawings. Includes any related drawing files  (.slddrw, .idw,  .dwg, etc.) when copying the reference tree.

                  • Regenerate serial number in  cards. If serial numbers are  used, assigns the next number in the sequence.

                  • Preserve  relative path. Keeps the path of  references relative to the copied parent file.

                  • Use latest version of attached reference.

                  • Use attached version of the  references. Uses the version that is  attached rather than the latest version.

                  • Check in files with comment.

                1. Under the Copy column, select references and click Copy.

                The newly copied parts start with a  new version history.

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                Michael Dekoning

                I probably should have said automatically rename the files. Also, we normally do not allow users to rename files themselves since we want the filename and the serial number to match. This is usually done with the template we have to create a new drawing file.



                EPDM 2009 SP3

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                  Charles Nilsson

                  If you don't want to write an addin, you can use the dispatch functionallity.

                  If a serial numer is attached and generated for a file data card attribute,
                  you can with dispatch easly batchupdate the filename from that attribute.

                  It's a workaround, and the users must be able to change the filenames. If you want to

                  increase the file security, make a default workflow state when coping SW files within the vault a "temp copy state".

                  After users run the update filename routin, they have to change state to a "working state" where they have rights to check out files, but

                  not rename, etc..


                  See attached acn for dispatch example.

                  How to use: Select a bunch of files, the filename will be updated to correspond to a attribute named: Number