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    Window zooming when I do a "ctrl+drag" to copy a sketch entity.

    Eric Snyder

      I have a weird problem. I am selecting a circle in a sketch and then doing a Ctrl + drag to copy that circle. Whenever I do this my window zooms to a zoom all position. THis is new behaviour.


      Is this a setting that was truned on by mistake or a bug? Any ideas on how to make it go away?

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          Tom Nicholson
          Works fine here Eric, maybe try to reopen solidworks or a reboot. Sorry I'm no help.
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            Eric Snyder

            I don't know what I will do. The problem resolved later in the day. I have been noticing other persistent video problems:


            1. I notice now that when I click/drag the sketch entities now seem to "shimmer" - like they are sifting back and forth by 1 pixel.
            2. I also have problems where if I zoom in very close the points are displayed in a different place then the end of the line.point.jpg
            3. I have problems where I have to hover my cursor "off" from the entity that I am trying to select. When the cursor is definitely on the entity it is not selected. In the image above to select the vertical line my cursor needs to be about 1" to the right of the line.
            4. When I load a file the first time (especially a big file) the "Use software GL" is selected and grayed out, RealView graphics does not work and the zoom is like 1 frame/second. If I unload and reload then my hardware card kicks in, RealView works and my zoom works like it should. It is like my video card is being bypassed on the initial load. My card is a nVidia 3450/4000


            I have posted on the nVidia site and downloaded two different test packages that stress the video card. I ran each of these for 45 minutes. The card warmed up but not too hot and the software did not detect a single problem. The test image continued to look fine throughout the entire test. I think what I will do is uninstall my video card driver and then reinstall it. If that does not resolve the problem then do a total hard drive wipe/check and a reinstall of the OS and SW.


            One last symptom...I have also been noticing that when I click on the "File" on the menu the machine locks up for up to 5 seconds. I had this problem a year or so and I don't remember what we did to fix it. I honestly think it just went away on it's own. Frustrating. Seems that some days I spend more time caring for the machine than doing my work.