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Toolbox managed in ePDM leaves template files checked out after new configuration creation

Question asked by Kalle Seppälä on Jan 12, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2021 by Kalle Seppälä

Hi all,


We moved our Toolbox in PDM last autumn and so far it seemed all went well. However now I as an admin have noticed that whenever some user adds a new fastener size, when the Toolbox does its automatic check out for the related template file, it does not get checked back in after.


Our Toolbox is set up in such a way that the Toolbox folder is in PDM\...\Toolbox\ but the fasteners created will be saved as new parts in PDM\Standard Components\ folder. I did not want our fasteners to be buried in Toolbox subfolder because we also have some custom attributes which are useful for people to easily access, hence this arrangement. Our VAR has not been so far very insightful with this issue, they linked us SOLIDWORKS instructions for Toolbox management and I've checked them through; I don't really see any difference with user rights etc. to those. First we had all users use their individual user rights but now we've even tried giving all admin rights when using Toolbox, but the end result is the same except now the checked out files are of course checked out by admin user.


The way I understand how the Toolbox should work is it will check out the template file, add the new fastener size as a new configuration to this template file, save this new configuration as a new part file in the folder defined (in our case ..\Standard Components\) and lastly check the template file in the PDM.


We also have the Toolbox itself protected from changes with a separate password, could this be causing the issue? The way we want this to work is that all design users can add the fastener sizes available in the Toolbox, but not create new themselves. In our use case one of the biggest advantages we aim to have is that the designer does not need to care if the fastener file exists somewhere in the PDM or not, he or she can just drag it from the Toolbox and then Toolbox either uses the existing file from ..\Standard Components\ folder or creates a new part file there.