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Removed Student Edition, installed Commercial. Still have grad cap and “Student Edition”.

Question asked by David Lewis on Nov 12, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by David Lewis

I had the Student Edition 2020-2021 installed, and I uninstalled it yesterday.


Through a commercial project, I now have Solidworks Connected 2021, including 3DExperience in a 3D modeler role (as well as other roles). I installed Solidworks through the 3DS portal, not using the regular setup app. I had to install Java, which was weird.


To make a long story short, Solidworks Connected 2021 is now labeled Academic and the files have a grad cap watermark. Every other user on the project does not have this problem. Clearly my PC is tagged somehow. How can I remove this so I can run the pro license that I’m supposed to have?

Could this be a clue? I noticed after the fact that it pointed to the SW2020 weldment profiles, and I had to change that in options. Should I just start deleting all previous SW data? FYI I have 2019 & 2020 student edition downloads on the machine. Where does all this stuff hide?