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SW2021 Disappointing

Question asked by Jonathan Jennings on Nov 11, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2020 by Ryan McVay

Anyone else disappointed with the direction SW is going in? SW used to be the affordable cutting edge customer focused CAD software.

Basic things like a button for the move triad, a view cube in the top right corner or a way to select the parts or sub assemblies one level down by default, rather than faces when working in assemblies, all of which would save us all loads of time and increase our productivity still have not been addressed. Even FreeCad and Shapr are looking better in some areas now.

It seems to me SW has been using all our yearly (expensive) maintenance and subscriptions fees on developing their new cloud based 3D experience software rather than on improving and adding functionally to Solidworks, in my opinion packages like 3D sculptor should come as part of Solidworks since we all paid for its development.

Besides who in their right mind is going to compromise their companies Intellectual property and work on a cloud based system, not me for sure, 3D experience is a stupid idea born in the minds of marketing people who's worlds revolve around facebook, and instagram.