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What will the 2021 Top Ten List look like this year?

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2021 by Ryan McVay

The annual Top Ten List (TTL) for 2021 should be opened soon.  Last year it was a total failure, being moved to the 3DSwym platform without much forethought and communication.  There were many, MANY technical issues involved and poor navigation of the site, not to mention their decisions on how to deal with ideas submitted they did not like.  For all those reasons I chose not participate last year, the first time in over ten years.  It just wasn't worth the hassle and aggravation.  I was not alone.


I sincerely hope SWX has given this a lot of attention, learned from the suggestions and problems of last year, and has a much, much better plan for this year.


All that aside, the TTL is a fantastic opportunity to tell SWX what is important to us.  From the "Things that go without saying, but benefit from being said" category, ONE and TWO, to requests for making the gestures array with 50 segments, we have the opportunity to share ideas for making the SWX "experience" better.


One thing I particularly like about the TTL is the ability to comment on the ideas.  This adds definition to the ideas, making them better for the developers to understand and implement.  Often times someone will suggest a work-around for achieving the same objective, which benefits the rest of the user community, while we wait for the idea to be implemented.  Frankly, I think the comments are one of the most valuable aspects of the TTL.  Additionally, since the ideas have so much more visibility it is easy to prevent duplication and to combine ideas that are essentially identical.


By contrast, the formal Enhancement Request (ER) system is in gross need of an overhaul.  It is cumbersome to navigate.  As a result, most people do not bother to research their enhancement idea before submitting and there are many, many, many ideas that are virtually identical.  And since people don't research the ER system those other ideas have few if any votes besides the author.  The result is a huge array of ideas that have minimal votes and therefore do not get any attention.


The good thing about the ER system is that the author gets an SPR for the idea and is therefore notified if and when the ER is implemented.  The bad thing is that the ERs typically get very little attention due to the low vote count and the ideas do not have the robust community discussion that helps to refine them.


The good thing about the TTL is that the ideas get wonderful community discussion to shape and define the idea.  They also typically get a lot better vote representation.  The bad thing about the TTL is that the idea does not get an SPR so neither the author nor anyone else can officially vote for the SPR nor will they be notified when/if it is implemented.  The very bad thing about the TTL is that is temporary.  All these great ideas, and all their great discussions, are forever removed from our view right at the start of SWX World (a.k.a. 3DEXPERIENCE World).  These discussions even include work-arounds!!  Gone, never to be seen by the community again.  


This post is directed at several groups:

1. New users of the forum, so you can see ways to influence SWX (please DO use both the ER system and the TTL).  Please also consider this:  Top Ten Idea Submission and What the Voting Means  That post was created four years ago, but its tenets are still relevant.

2. SWX, so you can see the frustration we experience and ease our pain!  We care enough to want to tell you how to make the "experience" better.  Last year was a quantum leap in the wrong direction.  Do better this year.

3. Long time forum members, so that we rally to offer constructive input to SWX and take full advantage of this time when SWX is leaning in to listen more closely.