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Toolbox error: "SolidWorks must be running" When it is.

Question asked by Steven Atkinson on Nov 3, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2020 by Frederick Law

Newly created Toolbox 2019 was set up during installation. 

Problem occurs when you export data of a fitting to excel. 

Open the excel file and add property columns and import back into toolbox. 

All the values have propagated on screen in the toolbox browser opened from within a running SolidWorks session.  When selecting "Create Configurations" (as that is the user setting selected in User Settings" within toolbox) the following error occurs. Sequence as follows:

> Create Configurations

message appears telling me how many configurations it is about to create.

< select OK >

immediately an error message appears

Error, SOLIDWORKS must be running


** SolidWorks is running **

I have had this bug on previous releases as well and think it must a be registry related issue.


Can anyone assist with the fix?  Because I get the feeling not many people are using toolbox in this way