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Have to add toolbox every time and missing toolbox component names in BOM

Question asked by Gabor Fekete on Oct 21, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2020 by Gabor Fekete

Hey everyone.


I'm pretty sure I'm missing some toolbox settings because every time I start Solidworks 2019 I have to re-add the toolbox library. When I click the "Add in now" button the toolbox is instantly recognised but after I close the application and open it again I have to repeat the process.

As you see the hole wizard and toolbox folder are properly set in the system options. The toolbox folder is in the PDM vault by the way.


I tried to run the application as admin but there was no difference. In fact running as admin causes another problem. I cannot open files via file explorer by double clicking or drag and dropping however opening from the Solidworks window works fine.

And there is one more thing. Even if I add the toolbox folder properly in some cases after I open an assembly the toolbox components' names do not shows properly in the BOM.


Hitting right click on the component and clicking edit toolbox components solves the problem immediately but saving and re-opening the assembly not fixing the issue permanently so I have to repeat every time I open a problematic assembly. An of course it's pretty random. Some assemblies are fine and some of them are broken.