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resource hog

Question asked by J. Buckallew on Oct 28, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2020 by Paul Salvador

for the last 2 years i've worked at a company that has 11 drafters who all but one uses inventor. i am the one that doesnt and i use solidworks. also for the last 2 years i've been trying to get management to get us all new workstations because some are using workstations that are more then 8 years old. it took me 1-1/2 years to get them just to upgrade my video card. yesterday i got into an argument with my boss because he wants us all to find a way to get work done faster, in which i replied with, we could do that with new machines. he came back with, we dont have the performance issues you have with solidworks that you do with solidworks. i'm on solidworks 2020 sp 4.0 and they're on the latest version of inventor and work on much larger projects than i do. they dont have to dumb down models like i do because inventor seems to not have an issue with detail like solidworks does. meaning, when they add grating to a walkway, no matter how detailed it is, they have no issue with rotating an assembly that has multiple walkways in it. rotates smooth as silk. now if i have something similar open in solidworks, it lags horribly and somethings crashes solidworks. out of all of us, i have the most powerful workstation here. i even have an invidea quadro rtx 4000, 32g of ddr3 ram, 500g ssd and a xeon cpu. we all have the same amount of processes running in the background, mostly IT crap. 


how am i to convince management to upgrade my our workstations when i'm the only one having problems? to them,  the problem is solidworks and not my workstation.