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Adjusting a weld bead on a cylinder attached to a plate.

Question asked by Todd Blacksher on Oct 26, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2020 by Todd Blacksher

This post (Staggered weld bead on a diameter ) covers everything that I am doing, except for one tiny detail . . . Setting the location of the weld beads.


Jim Sculley provided the answer for the original question, and I'm hoping he might have an idea for this.

(Using a clock as a reference for the weld locations)

In the image above, you can see that the first weld starts at "noon" and goes clockwise.

I am working with a part that only has 2 welds (one on top & one on bottom)

It starts at the same "noon" location and goes clockwise as well.

I would like to have the top weld centered on "noon", and the bottom weld centered on 6.

It is very easy to adjust the starting point of the weld, and having them at 3 & 9 is a piece of cake - 

But you have to go all the way around the dial to get back to 12 & 6, and then this happens - 

It "stops" where the weld technically "starts" - at high noon.


I guess my question is this - How do I get the other half of the weld bead up top?


Worst case scenario, I use my "dirty workaround" of 2 welds

(the one shown above with a partial top weld, and another weld that goes from noon to 1:30ish.)


I would really like to get away from the dirty workarounds . . .