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    Clock out of synch with server

    Tim Turpin
      Getting the following error message - 'clock is out of synch with server...' This just recently started showing up on numerous users machines. We have been using PDMWE since 3/07 (seven months) and this is popping up. Simple fix is adjust computer clock so it is not out of synch by more than 30 sec.

      However, one user will reset their clock and then after working within PDMWE (checkin checkout etc of various file types) this message will pop back up again, usually 20-30 minutes later.

      Anyone have an explanation for this latter issue, why after resetting does this happen again?

      I don't like the fact that the clocks get out of synch to begin with but 'oh well'.

      Any suggestions on eliminating this issue altogether?

      Thanks, Tim
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          Chey Harden
          I have been seeing the same thing for three months on twomachines.To fix this I have implemented a simple VBScript (seebelow).I run this as a scheduled task when the person logs on thetheir computer and again every thirty minutes after that.It seemsto be working, but I haven't been able to FIX the issue
          ----------Copy everything below this line-------------------
          Dim wshellSet wshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
          wshell.Run "%COMSPEC% /c net time \\NAME OF YOUR TIME SERVER/set /y",0,TRUE
          set wshell = Nothing
          ----------Copy everything above this line-------------------
          *Give this file any name but it must have the .vbs extension.
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              Shawn Applegate
              There's something amiss here. We have ours setup to synchronize with our time server (internal, not nist or MS) every time our computer turns on. We restart every night. We too get the same problem from time to time.

              We just made a .bat file that we run when this happens:

              net time /set \\srvr01 /y

              As is the case for a lot of day to day problems with SW and PDMWE.. find work a rounds, not solutions.
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                  Patrick Kennedy
                  We have been fighting this for months (since mid-August). We've had client PCs (all XP Pro/SP2 32bit) change a whole minute within 15 minutes of manual resetting. We've tried the "net time..." command as well as "w32tm /resync /rediscover". Apparently the clients keep moving away from the correct time due to the Windows Time service looking to a different time authority. Getting them all pointed to the correct internal time server hasn't been a clear-cut process.

                  The servers have been a challenge too. It looks like we finally have both servers looking to the correct internal time server. It was a challenge because they're both virtual servers, so we had conflicts between the host machine and the various VMs on the host. It looks like we finally have that solved, which cleared up the issue for most clients.

                  However, we still have a couple clients that need to be reset once each morning (after that they're OK all day). At this point IT has done all they can think of except to rebuild the O/S on those PCs. So that's what we're trying next...

                  SWx2007/SP3.1 & PDMWE 2007/SP4
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                      Joy Garon

                      Hi Folks -

                      I use a free utility (Atomic Clock) to ensurethat my systems clocks are synced.

                      You'll be happy to know that the clock syncrequirement has been removed in 2008.



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                          Todd Puckett
                          We have been using PDMWE/Conisio for over 4 years, we haveover 100 users and this problem is currently a problem for about 12users. 
                          Here are some of my observations:
                          1- Atomic clock won't help you if your computer is joined to adomain.  The master domain controller will force your clock tosynch with itself.
                          2- I think this problem results from a windows update, our "outof synch error" also started in August.
                          3- The following fixes had limited success.  w32tm/resync /rediscover & net time \\server (You must exit PDMWE beforerunning these DOS commands)
                          4- For us new and old computers have the sameproblem.  Our Microsoft Windows 2003 servers, SQL2005 server, and XP Pro workstations are all up to datewith windows updates.
                          5- I wonder how PDMWorks 2008 will handle a file that is 5minutes in the future?
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                              Joy Garon

                              Hi Todd,

                              In 2008 the clock is no longer checked. So,even if your client is 5 minutes in the future, you will not get anerror.


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                                  Wayne Tiffany
                                  So then is it a correct statement that with PDMWE2008, the server clock is what dictates all time stamps on the SQL database entries?

                                  If so, then is the file stored with the client date/time but the SQL database has its own time/date?

                                  If this statement is not correct, then how would I know by looking at the date on a file in my Explorer window whether it was newer or older than one I had, for example, on my flash drive?