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    Need to fill a body but it is unable to knit

    Sara Nomeland
      I am working with SolidWords 2008 SP2.1

      I imported an .igs file from 3-matic, which I used to convert a .wrl file into a .igs to form part using their CAD link option. I imported the part into solidworks and then saved it as a parasolid (.xmt)

      My big problem: Now I have just the outer surface, but I need it to be a solid to import into my CFD solver. I have tried knitting the surface, because there are multiple edges and surfaces, but there is constantly a Rebuild error every time I try to knit the sufrace.
      Also, if I am able to somehow knit/sew the surfaces together will the fill function fill my surfaces?

      Attached is my parasolid. Hope that was specific enough for some feedback.
        • Need to fill a body but it is unable to knit
          Kevin De Smet
          The geometry seems to be littered with seams. I don't think it'll ever knit.
          I would suggest checking your host system again and try exporting a .STEP
          • Need to fill a body but it is unable to knit
            Charles Culp
            1. You are going to have to get cleaner surfaces into solidworks. The edges do not align well enough for it to ever knit. Sometimes Tools>Import Diagnostics can fix some small discrepancies, but these are pretty large; it did not do anything. Also, Surface-Imported119 is throwing an error for me, you might want to delete that, and use the Insert>Surface>Fill Surface to fill that in (after you knit the rest together). And yes, you can use the Insert>Surface>Fill tool to create the end caps for your CFD.

            So, back to the big question, how do you fix the gaps? I would say there should be some way to clean up your surfaces in the earlier software you used to capture the 3D data. I am un-familiar with 3-matic, or how it works, but I would hope that this type of software could produce better surfaces that actually intersect. It could also have to do with your file translation somewhere...

            I don't know what the student version has, or what you can access too, but SW Premium comes with ScanTo3D which can actually import directly your 3D data.

            Maybe someone more familiar with 3-matic, or scanning in general, can help you out with that.