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Add dimension with measure tool?

Question asked by Robert Tupa on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by Tony Tieuli

Anyone using this functionality?  I finally got around to trying it out.  Not having much luck.  Searched the forum and internet and only found this thread.

Measure Tool selection Problem

I checked to make sure my selection filters weren't the problem as well as large assembly mode was off.



  1. Assembly file open
  2. Edit a part in context
  3. Create sketch on a face
  4. Add dimension
  5. Type "="
  6. Select "Measure"
  7. Cursor shows measure glyph and status bar states "Select one or two edges/vertices and then a text location"
  8. I can select an edge on the same part and a reference dimension will show and follow my cursor.  But, then I can't select anything else or place the reference dimension.  I can select edges and vertices on other parts but no dimension appears.  Tried with External References on and off.

As I understand it from the help, it's supposed to place a reference dimension then populate the modify dimension dialogue with that.  What am I doing wrong?


SolidWorks Professional 2020 SP4.0

Quadro K4200, 442.50 driver, no SolidWorks recommendation as card doesn't show as option


Edit: Video showing what I want to do.  I'm fully aware of external reference techniques.  But, would like to avoid them.