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    Goal Setting

    Ken Brown
      I have design analysis that requires me to measure the volume flow through 70 different channels. Does it make more sense to set all of these as goals before the run or measure them after the run? I am concerned that 70 goals could put my solve time through the roof or that somehow measuring afterwards won't be as accurate. Does anyone have experience with this and which direction they found more satisfactory?

        • Goal Setting
          Bill McEachern
          Goals add very little over head - I never even consider it with respect to compute times. I have done munerous manifold problems with comperable numbers of passages. Shouldn't take not more than a couple hours, assuming it is a simple though intense manifold. There wouuld be absolutely no difference in answers provided the same termination criteria was used in both cases. As I have done this class of probkem a lot I asked for a got in 2009 a modification that allows all the surfaces to be picked in the same goal operation and you get to an option for individual goals. Note: you need to pick more than 2 entities to get the option to appear in 2009. Good luck.
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            Stefan Wozniak
            Goals are used only to check (adjust) variation of values that you are looking for. With goals you know variation of this values and also this values are computed more accurately. Calculations may take more time but you will get more accurate results. If there is some difference between channels I suggest you to use separate goals for each channel.