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Moderation Privileges and Forum Organization

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by Scott Perman

I've used this forum for a couple years as well as using the various forums on Stack Exchange. Although I'm happy with the participation on here, the organization seems a bit chaotic. I think there could be several improvements to make relevant information easier to find.This all mainly stems from what looks to be a lack of moderation. It seems there are very few, if any active SWX moderators around, and I see no way for users to moderate anything but their own content.


For example, I posted a question in the wrong topic the other day but found no way to move it to the appropriate topic without deleting the question and all corresponding answers. Also, there seems to be a fair few off topic responses that can build up around otherwise very helpful responses, which makes it difficult to find useful information. On Stack Exchange there are a plethora of tools to clean all this up via user contributions and user-based community moderation. A couple of examples that I cannot find a corresponding functionality for here:


  1. Downvoting (very helpful for keeping irrelevant or wrong info at the bottom of the page)
  2. Increasing moderation privileges (Edit other's user's content to correct errors, remove irrelevant posts, edit tags, change categories, etc.) with increasing rank/points. (My rank remains low, so maybe this actually exists and  I just don't have access yet?)
  3. Flagging posts as irrelevant (Currently I only see flags for abuse).


Anyone with a higher rank than I have any means of addressing this? If not, I'm curious why more SDX users don't use Stack Exchange in the first place? I wonder if there is a way of porting all the helpful info here to a Stack Exchange-type site?