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Static analysis of a multibody structure with frames

Question asked by Bora Doker on Mar 4, 2020
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Hello All,


I have a multibody part document that is composed of several bodies as in below screenshot that makes it a multibody part document.


In order to get the idea of how I briefly created this part document, you can visit the link below 

Making section frames from a model 




My next problem is creating a proper mesh for this structure to be able to apply the following static analysis simulation in below briefing to ensure if this structure will fail or not in general;

I have already extruded and made solid bodies for the frames and the sheets to be able to do the analysis.


I don't know if it is a good idea to have a solid body first in order to analyse at the simulation but I am also thinking to convert these as surface mesh.

Here is the problem for non-touching faces as exaggerated drawing in below.

Because of the red color hatch region I have several contacts to be applied on in order to avoid the interference detection as whole bunch of non-touching red hatch regions that is caused by the frames as below drawing. 

In manufacturing this location will be stitch welding but  in order to make a welding in solidworks i think you have to at least professional simulation package whereas I have only Solidworks 2019 Premium license which includes the standard package of the simulation.

So instead I may do a face-face / edge-face bonding.

If it is possible I may edit all the frames the outer face and extrude them to the boundary face which will be the outer shell.

P.S BTW in above drawing Shelf should be Shell.. no confusion 


I have tried the incompatible mesh which I liked very much as it doesn't want any necessary processes to take but I know that it might not give me an accurate result. Here is a result below the simulation result.


So on to my question how it is possible to make a satisfied results. I know there are too many of details of this as even divergence at the frame location connections.


Are there any guidance for me to watch or look at if this is too complicated to tell in this thread which I would be much appreciated if someone will..


If any question or a document share request please let me know..


Kind Regards,

Bora Doker