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    Drawing changing file type

    Jason Capriotti
      Can you set a starting revision for new documents?

      The situation we have is we have old documents which will be migrated in at that are in various older formats that we no longer use. For example, Lotus, Ami Pro documents are converted to Excel and Word when we next revise them. How do we replace them but keep the revision letters moving up. The new docs will get rev "A" by default.

      This is also a common scenario for AutoCAD files. We may continue to revise them in AutoCAD or we may elect to convert them to SolidWorks. So Revision "D" might be in AutoCAD and on the next change we elect to model it and create the drawing in SolidWorks. How can we make the now new SolidWorks drawing Revision "E"?
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          For the first time in the vault, the revision variable in the database will be read from the file custom property. That gets the first one entered at the correct revision level. Now, the tricky part is getting the "next revision" counter to have the correct value so the next time you revise the file it is not at rev A. This can be accomplished in a workflow. You setup a condition, if revision = "A" then revision counter is 2, if "B" then 3, etc.
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            Joy Garon
            Jason -

            Look at the attached video in the zip file:
            I use a document that has a custom property 'Revision'. The EPDM variable 'Revision' is mapped to this custom property for the document type.

            I set a value for the custom property on the document (eg: using an alpha revision scheme A, B, C, D... so I set it at 'D')

            Set a revision scheme on the initial state (with an increment of 1) so I can use Increment Revision.

            Drag the document into the vault. You see 'D' in the data card control for 'Revision'.
            Increment the revision on the document until it gets to one revision prior to the actual revision (eg: 'C')

            Check the document in and move it through the workflow to the correct state (eg: Approved). Your workflow will probably set the first release (to 'D').

            Some VAR's have written utilities to do this. It can be different depending on the revision scheme in place and whether you are using multiple revision components, etc. You have to think about how to increment the appropriate revision counters.

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                Jason Capriotti
                Thanks for the video Joy, we are planning our implementation some and this was one issue. Looks like we may need a custom Add-in unless we want to handle this manually. Its not uncommon for a drawing to switch formats and we have some drawings with double digit revision letters.

                And I need to figure out how "Items" will fit since our "Items" and "Drawings" share the same revision level.