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The missing 5% functionality - All Chapters

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2020 by Alex Lachance
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This post will include links for all the chapters in "The missing 5% functionality" saga.


They refer to excellent tools implemented by the SOLIDWORKS development only 95% of the way. They did a brilliant job, but, for reasons unknown to us, they stopped 2 inches from the finish line.

The missing 5% is what makes users try, be disappointed and, finally, abandon those tools forever.


We all want the software to improve, bugs to be reduced and the speed to increase.


One and Two has been a great initiative and it got some results. The problem with this blanket requests (let's improve... "things") is that it does not provide a clear direction to the developers.


What about narrowing the scope of the requests to "simple" things that can provide a big ROI? Low hanging fruits.


That is the goal of these threads. Establish a focused partnership between users, PD managers and developers to harvest these low hanging fruits.


So please add your constructive input in these threads. Rants are counterproductive and there are better threads to host them. Also, focus on the low hanging fruits, the missing 5%. Tools that are badly implemented and missing 80% of the functionality can be discussed elsewhere.


This is the list of the existing threads:

The missing 5% functionality: DETAILING MODE for DRAWINGS 

The missing 5% functionality: 3D Interconnect (STEP, IGES, SAT) 

The missing 5% functionality: VARIABLE PATTERN 

The missing 5% functionality: SELECTION SETS 

The missing 5% functionality: DISPLAY STATES 

The missing 5% functionality: COMMENTS 

The missing 5% functionality: FACE CURVES 

The missing 5% functionality: PROPERTY TAB 

The missing 5% functionality: SCROLL SELECTED ITEM INTO VIEW Partially fixed in 2021 SP0. Complete fix scheduled for 2021 SP1.0

The missing 5% functionality: MARKUP 

The missing 5% functionality: STRUCTURE SYSTEMS 

The missing 5% functionality:  Slot Wizard 

The missing 5% functionality:  Pattern Driven Component Pattern 

The Missing 5% Functionality:  "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation" 

The missing 5% functionality: Global Variables in Equations 

The missing 5% functionality: Relations pop-up in Drawings 

The missing 5% functionality: ASSEMBLY VISUALIZATION

The missing 5% functionality: SPEEDPAK

The missing 5% functionality: SNAPSHOT


What other chapters should we add? 

Please focus on the tools that are teasing you by being so close to fulfilling your needs, yet almost unusable because of the missing 5% or less in functionality. Those tools that would change your life if the developers would make a small effort and complete them.


FYI: Bruce Holway, Nick Birkett-Smith, Matthew Lorono, Bret Hekking.