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[Parse & Save code attached] 2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Scott Perman

Updated 04/04/2020: For next year, uploaded AHK Parse and Save code along with code instructions.


Updated 02/02/2020: 2020 TTL vote tally is attached.

If there looks to be a discrepancy, refer to the attached HTML TTL main page.


Updated 02/02/2020: Main TTL page saved as an HTML file is attached. Saved 6:19AM EST.

Extract the HTML file and its linked folder of page bits to the same location and load the HTML page.

All ideas should be present in a summary state, but none will open for additional detail.

Complete ideas are zipped and attached throughout this discussion. See below for the instructions on how to access them.


Updated 01/26/2020: Extracting a saved TTL idea:

  1. Locate the idea in the OP attached Excel file and note that idea's title.
  2. Locate the idea in the OP attached "TTL 2020 Ideas Listing.txt" and note the "2020 TTL Ideas XXXX THRU YYYY" path to this idea, where XXXX and YYYY bracket the beginning text of the desired idea's title.
  3. Locate the reply contains this "2020 TTL Ideas XXXX THRU YYYY".
  4. Download that reply's attachment.
  5. Within the attachment is a folder. This folder contains the ideas whose titles are within the XXXX/YYYY range.
  6. Each idea is a zip file that contains the HTML file and its associated folder of page bits.
    Extract these two to the same location.
  7. Double-click the HTML file. It will automatically use the bits in its folder.


Updated 01/26/2020: Saved (367) TTL ideas as individual HTML files.

Each idea is an HTML file with a linked folder of the same name. This method maintains the most accurate representation.

Added the ideas as replies within this post. Due to the 25MB attachment limit, the ideas are saved across (46) replies, so on average, each reply contains 7 or so ideas (the associated folder contains graphics, so this chubbies up things a bit).

The body of each reply contains "2020 TTL Ideas XXXX THRU YYYY", where XXXX and YYYY are the alphabetical ranges of the idea titles contained in that reply's attachment. Refer to the OP attached Excel file for idea titles.


Also, I found some errors in the Excel file. Corrected 01/26/2020 attached.


Please provide your feedback.


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