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What OpenGL is required for eDrawings?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by Ben Nemec

We are setting up PDM and have some view only clients that will be using eDrawings to view models and drawings.  It's impossible for me to find system requirements for eDrawings other that DS spec for Solidworks products.  We'll I'm not going to tell the check signer that we need to buy approved workstation GPUs for PCs that are replacing winTerms.  


Unless I'm way off base, in the absence of a certifed GPU, or when I uncheck "Graphics Boost"  eDrawings drops to OpenGL.  I would just like to try to make sure the micro PCs we get have integrated graphics that support the needed version of OpenGL.


In searching I found a couple threads where eDrawings is not displaying lines correctly, that sounds like graphics to me and makes me concerned.


eDrawings issue displaying lines on imported features 

eDrawings showing many random lines on DXF for circles 


Maybe I'm asking the wrong question or a dumb question and that's why I'm not finding much for answers.  Maybe guide me if you can.