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Top Ten List - Personal Lists

Question asked by Wayne Barrett on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Kevin Chandler

I would like for this to be a thread dedicated to spreading the word about the Top Ten List on 3D Experience platform. 


Specifically to share what you, individually, think are the ten ideas that you will be voting for when the voting opens on January 6th through January 24th; your personal top ten.  This is to help promote the ideas you feel should be promoted to other users.


Since new ideas will be continually submitted until December 27th, I would suggest either refraining from posting here until you are sure of your list or editing your posted list here if it changes.


If you would like to browse through the entire list of idea posts you currently have two options.

1.  You can scroll down through all of the posts in the Top Ten community on the 3D Experience platform.  The page only loads a handful of posts at a time, so it will take some time to load and scroll to the bottom.  This will also be your way of voting.  See this thread to learn how to use the Top Ten List and navigate to it's page. 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List 

2.  You can visit this link [Parse & Save code attached] 2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository  to the repository Kevin Chnadler Kevin Chandler has put so much effort into.


It would seem that voting will consist of hitting the "like" button.  It has been stated that although hitting the "like" button ahead of time does in fact count as a vote and cannot be redacted, except by the voter, we are being held to the honor system and expected to refrain from voting until the voting session opens.


The reason for this thread is that even though you can search the Top Ten for a post, the search results are not clickable and voting (liking) cannot be accomplished without finding the post in the idea thread itself.


I have been able to e-mail coworkers url links to my bookmarked ideas and in that way I hope to be able to provide more people access, through this thread, to ideas they would like to vote for but may not have the time or ability to scroll through the Top Ten idea thread until they stumble upon the one they want.


All that being said, I would prefer that anyone who votes also spend as much time as is reasonable to browse the ideas and search for their own favorites.


The format I will use is to copy and paste the title, resize the text to be manageable, and insert the URL link onto that text.  I got the appropriate URL link from clicking the "share" icon and share by link.



To kick things off, here is my personal Top Ten list: still growing

Ability to Integrate a PLC program with Assembly Animation



EDIT: The above links work flawlessly in the editor, but not after publishing.  When the new window opens, in the URL deleting everything after the first "&" allows the page to load correctly.  So click the link, load the page, backspace up to the first "&" and the page should load fine when you hit enter.

As an alternate, if you visit Kevin Chandler 's repository he explains how to use the Idea Number column in his excel file to bring up any idea in your browser.  The excel file itself is searchable.