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Changing the global Coordinate System of a Part Template

Question asked by Alex Mantei on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Ruben Balderrama

Hi everyone, I have a quite the dilemma and am hoping you guys can help. I am trying to change the default global coordinate system of my solidworks parts to make it easier for my CNC programmer when it comes to importing models into his software. For this scenario I am trying to set up the coordinate system to suit the machining of a cylindrical shaft using a cnc lathe. The desired axes orientation are shown below.





I've used the "update standard views" tool in the orientation dialog box (bring up by using spacebar) to switch the axes around to what is desired. (Y axis switched with X axis, Z axis flipped). The problem I have is when I start a sketch on any of the new planes it reverts back to the default solidworks orientation. Here are some screenshots below showing what I am talking about. I also attached my part template if you want to open it and see for yourself. The names of the planes in soldiworks like to be located in the top left corner, read left to right just like a book. In my isometric view they are all rotated 90° and this makes sketching parts awkward. For example when I go normal to the new front plane (X and Y axes still but switched in the isometric view) the Y axis reverts back to the vertical while X is still the horizontal. Same happens on the other two views. Any ideas on how to fix this or is it not even possible? Hopefully it is


New Coordinate System Picture.jpg