Eliminate The Points Awarded For Simply Logging In

Idea created by Kelvin Lamport on Nov 4, 2014
    • Glenn Schroeder
    • Kelvin Lamport
    • Paul Marsman
    • Peter De Vlieger

    I log in at least 4 times a day ... first thing in the morning while eating breakfast, when I get to work, after rebooting at lunchtime, and at least once more during an evening. That's 50 points every 2-1/2 days just for logging in. That's crazy and makes the points system even more meaningless.


    Someone could get 18,250 points by logging in 10 times a day for a year without asking a question, nor answering or even commenting on a single post.

    Damn, they could even overtake Deepak in less than 2 years. 


    Please, eliminate the points for logging in, or at least limit the repeatability to once a month.