Brad Meador

StarCity SWUG Meeting 03/19/19

Blog Post created by Brad Meador on Mar 20, 2019

Last night the Star City SOLIDWORKS User Group held its first meeting of 2019. We were fortunate to be partnered with VWCC (Virginia Western Community College) and was able to attract 25 attendees! We had all levels of users from a 22yr veteran all the way to prospective designers in high school with no experience at all. We also had an engineering manager that was a strict Inventor user (BOOOO) and he LOVED the software and presentations from the comments he made during the presentations (ex: WOW...that is cool, etc.). I made sure he got a free student license to practice.


Our speakers last night were Daniel Granillo and Toby Schnaars from SOLIDWORKS presenting on surfacing (beginner and advanced) to our users. I am in the process of creating a survey for the attendees, but was given positive feedback last night after the meeting. My receipts are attached for the food supplies.


I am hoping this is the beginning of something great for our user group.