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#BEER ME ribbons for #SWW19...how to join in the fun!

Blog Post created by Edson Gebo on Feb 8, 2019

SOLIDWORKS World is about learning, networking, seeing old friends and making new ones. All while navigating unknown cities and peering down the proverbial Dassault product line info tube to see what’s coming next. It should also be about having fun even if it is in the modest of ways.


I am a huge craft beer fan so it’s only natural for me to find or create opportunities to celebrate beer. For the past several years, especially in the US, beer has taken a more cultural stance which has not been seen since prohibition ended in 1933. To celebrate the awesomeness of both SWW & Beer, I’ll be handing out BEER ME ribbons to add to your conference pass but there is a caveat. You need to show me your awesomeness on Twitter so here are the rules…


  • You need to take a selfie with a beer or something craft beer related, be creative!
  • You have to be in the photo (hence selfie).
  • You need to be at SWW19 in Dallas at the time of the pic.
  • You must post the pic on Twitter and add #beerme #SWW19 to the post.
  • Please tag @edsonius (that's me) in the post too.


Then the trick is to come find me! One sure way to get a ribbon is to attend my Bearded Beer Geeks Tips & Tricks presentation with my good friend Dean Kerste on Tuesday but I'm sure you want your ribbon sooner You’ll also get a sticker that shamelessly promotes my PAN-MASS Challenge bike ride across Massachusetts to help those in need to fight cancer, and to hopefully find a cure for cancer. Here is the link if you would like to contribute to make a donation My PMC Donate Page. All donations go directly to the Erica Leafquist Fund.




Be on the lookout for other ribbons while at SWW; The Bacon Brotherhood, The Beard Brigade, and the CAD Monkey ribbon which you can only get at the CAD Monkey Dinner.


Thanks for reading and safe travels!




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