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Beer + Bacon = #SWW18

Blog Post created by Ed Gebo on Feb 1, 2018

What started as a funny moment among friends during SOLIDWORKS World 2011, quickly evolved into something way more than I, or fellow Bacon Brotherhood Founder, John Matrishon ever expected.  Then the SOLIDWORKS community totally elevated the bacon theme fun thru the years to the next level.  To that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!




As you may have heard, I have departed the Bacon Brotherhood but with very good intentions.  While I may have fallen off the proverbial BBH bandwagon as a founder, I am still going to participate, just like everyone else, to get my BBH ribbon.  And, you should too!  Here is the post about the BBH at SWW18.


So what does that all really mean?  Well, in years past, I have noticed other subcultures, groups, and events be born at SWW, which I think is complete awesomeness.  You may have heard of the SOLIDWORKS World Runners/Walkers group organized by SW employee, Jim Wilkinson.  Then there is the Coffee Clique, which is the brainchild of New Mexico SWUG leader, William Radigan.  And of course, you have the CAD Monkey Dinner, organized by BANSWUG leader Dan Herzberg.  My belief is we should all give back to the community in some capacity, even if it's to have a little fun.  I applaud Jim, William, and Dan for all their efforts to do just that!


I’m sure you have guessed by now I am starting a new group.  Do you like craft beer?  I sure do!  I've had a love for craft beer from the day I had my first Sam Adams Boston Lager...just a few decades ago.    Craft beer people are passionate about all things beer.  We understand the value and the love that goes into making beer.  We drink beer for the flavor, not to see how many 12 oz. shotguns of water in a can we can drink.  I thought it would be awesome to bring passionate SOLIDWORKS users together with passionate craft beer consumers.  That's a win win in my book!


So, without further ado, here are the rules to get your BEER ME ribbon!

    • You need to take a selfie with a beer or something craft beer related, be creative!
    • You have to be in the photo...hence selfie.
    • You need to be at SWW18 in LA, at the time of the pic.
    • You must post the pic on Twitter, please add #beerme #SWW18 to the post.
    • Please tag @edsonius (that's me) in the post too.
    • Then find me to get your ribbon.  Ready…GO!




In addition to the ribbon, you will also get two stickers.  One sticker is for my beer blog, gothops.blog with the #SWW18The other sticker is for Leukemia awareness via the Erica Leafquist Fund.  Here is your opportunity to give back!  I am riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge this year to raise money to fight cancer.  All the money I raise will go directly to the Erica Leafquist Fund.  Any donation helps, whether its $5 or $500.  Please support my ride and this great cause to find a cure for Leukemia.  Here is the link to make a donation.




Thanks for reading this post, please share with others so they can join in the fun too! 

Safe travels to all and I hope SWW18 is everything you expected, beer + bacon included!


Ed Gebo

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