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SWW18 - The Bacon Brotherhood is BACK!!!

Blog Post created by John Matrishon on Jan 14, 2018

The Bacon Brotherhood is returning for another year of SOLIDWORKS World Bacon adventures!


This year has a little changing of the Brotherhood front men.

SWW18 BBH.jpg 


Casey Gorman has stepped in this year for Ed Gebo.  Ed is launching a campaign around a passion of his and many others of the “hops” variety.   For details on what Ed is up to follow him on Twitter @edsonius


Don’t know Casey Gorman?  You should! Casey has been attending SWW since the early days, and was part of the original cast of Bacon Knights when we started. Here is a little about Casey if you are interested, and you should be!


There are few things changes this year, so read below:


Using Twitter: (or someone you know can post for you)


  • You need to take a selfie with something bacon RELATED. (yes, you must be IN the photo – it’s a selfie)
  • This can be food, a sign, or a picture with one or both of us. (both gets you bragging rights) Be creative!
  • You need to be in LA and Attending SWW18 at the time of the picture
  • You Must post on Twitter with #BaconBrotherhood and #SWW18
  • You Must also TAG us @CaseyG_FL and @WMASS_SWUG
  • Then find either Casey or myself to collect your ribbon!
  • 2 styles of Ribbons will be available this year
    • Regular ribbons based on last year
    • Limited supply of Ribbons honoring Wayne Tiffany that feature his initial “WT”  – suggested donation of $1 or above, any amount accepted.

SWW18 ribbons.jpg


What else is new for SWW18 and BBH?  Beside Casey taking over for Ed, we will again be making donations using the ribbons above.  No shirts this year, those are now collector items.  This will all go to a fund on behalf of someone that was close to us and the community.  ALL donations will go entirely to the Colon Cancer Coalition in memory of Wayne Tiffany. We don’t need to tell you that Wayne meant a great deal to us and he will not be forgotten.  This is one small way to keep him with us always.


Remembering Wayne Tiffany


Thank you again to everyone for sharing in the fun and to anyone who donates!!!


The Bacon Brotherhood

John Matrishon & Casey Gorman