Special User Group Meetings are Fun!

Blog Post created by 1-3PL95X on Aug 17, 2017

SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings are typically all about SOLIDWORKS (and related products), but some SOLIDWORKS User Groups offer their members a once-per-year "special" meeting.  There's still plenty of SOLIDWORKS learning, but the rest of the evening (or afternoon) is dedicated to food, fun, and making friends.


I attended two special meetings in July, the annual "Summer Baseball Meeting" in Chattanooga, and the annual "Dave & Buster's" meeting in Panama City Beach.  Both events were very well attended, there were great technical presentations (Phil Sluder was the featured presenter in PCB), and everyone really looked like they were enjoying themselves.  I had a great time, and want to thank Nicole Walden and Kendra Wardlow for setting up the meetings and inviting me to attend.


If your SOLIDWORKS User Group hasn't considered a yearly "special meeting", make the suggestion at the next meeting and have a discussion about what that might be - a baseball game, a BBQ, or even an amusement park or arcade. Who knows, your members might be as happy as the folks in this picture.