• How to generate inside fluid volume in complex assembly?

    Hi, I am trying to generate fluid volume inside attached assembly. I trial intersect and combine tool but didn't work at all. can someone please help me out?   I really appreciate your time.   Thanks
    Vrish P.
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  • Annoying popup in Draftsite premium

    Hello,   I just installed the new Draftsite 2019.   There is an annoying popup that comes up in Draftsite premium when you click on anything.   How can I switch this off?   Regards, Schalk
    Schalk Burger Van Wyk
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  • What to consider in buying laptop for solidworks

    I am thinking to upgrade my laptop "Alpha N850EJ Laptop | METABOX Australia " as it is slow and hangs often, and its a question weather I consider better CPU or better GPU to run solidworks 2019. There are couple in m...
    Kevin Jogin
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  • Is it possible to create a honeycomb pattern in a surface?

    Hello. I'm trying to add honeycomb pattern holes to my surface model in order to 3D print it. I've tried to Sketch > Cut Extrude > Create Pattern but it doesn't seem to work due to the irregularity of the surfac...
    Jessica Duarte
    created by Jessica Duarte
  • How Step down SolidWorks 2018 to SolidWorks 2016

    Is there a way to step down to Solidworks 2016 with a Solidowrks 2018 license? Please let me know Thanks, Electrotech International Inc.
    Harlevy Sangronis
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  • Deleting one entity without deleting the others on the same plane! Changing the dimensions after finishing the work !

    Hi , I'm a beginner here but a senior user of AutoCAD. So a couple of question which might look silly for experienced people:   1- I  finished creating a 3D object with units in cm . How can I change the ...
    Zhu Weimeng
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  • I can't update a solidworks composer file.  The update button is greyed out?

    I can't update a Solidworks composer file.  The update button is greyed out?  I have change the Solidworks model and saved it, but can't bring the new data into the composer file. 
    Kurt Kampeter
    created by Kurt Kampeter
  • Issue in preview with part document

    We need a preview for our application which should show the part file in windows forms     Application details: 64 – Bit Framework 4.0     A procedure, we follow: We followed edrawings ...
    Ajay Ramkumar
    created by Ajay Ramkumar
  • Force individual Dimensions to space as baselines or stacks?

    Hi All,   Anyone help me work out how to force, separate, not base line, dimensions to space correctly. I have adjusted the spacing setting in options so that the first dimension sits 15mm from the nearest edge...
    Carl Hirst
    created by Carl Hirst
  • How do I get my Rotate Context Toolbar to show back up?

    I have the box checked in the Insert Part Command Manager, but the floating toolbar doesn't show up anywhere, not even on the side toolbars. It's not hiding in any corners either, so how do I get it to show back up on...
    William Hoover
    created by William Hoover
  • Hello Denver Solidworks group

    NUBIE Michael here - I need some help opening and starting Productivity Tools - a step by step guide to learn SolidWorks. The computer won't open anything because the computer doesn't know what to use to open the file...
    Michael Squire
    created by Michael Squire
  • Variable profile sweep?

    I'm trying to create a sweep along a composite curve with multiple profiles on different planes. Does anyone know how to do this?
    Seth Ireland
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  • What are Lzz and Iy moment of inertia in section properties

    In this image, Ix is up and Iy is to the right (centroid coordinate on the highlighted area).   The highlighted section is long and uniform, but in this image it appears flat.  It is also the region I want ...
    Jim Clark
    created by Jim Clark
  • What kind of food do we want for our 11/5/14 meeting?

    Come on people let's here what you want to eat?   Gary
    Gary Radish
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