William Radigan

April 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Lagoa - Cloud Based Rendering   http://home.lagoa.com/

Jeremy Luchini gave a technical overview of their cloud based rendering software and showed how awesome these tools are for delivering visual content throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Lagoa claims to be the fastest way to produce high quality 2d and 3d images, without the need for expensive hardware and graphics cards.

Images can be rendered concurrently by multiple users in separate locations.

Dramatically improved lighting and materials compared to other rendering programs.

No limit on image size.  Wow!

Multiple ways to share content and co-edit scenes.  Jeremy reiterated the point that SolidWorks is a communication tool and this is a new approach to sharing data, with the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

Lagoa has made a free demo version available for NMSUG members.  Please use this link.   http://go.lagoa.com/lagoa-assembly-beta.html  The demo includes beta-features as well as a limited time “Pro” account upgrade.

Phil Sluder from TriAxial Design and Analysis http://www.triaxialdesign.com/

Phil presented his “best of” series of SolidWorks Tips and Tricks.

Phil Sluder is an icon in the SolidWorks community.  He is one of only a handful of folks that have participated in every SolidWorks World (16 & counting!).  Not only as a participant, but also a presenter!

Phil’s mantra about his tips and tricks is that they are not found in the Help Menu.  These are tricks that he has learned by figuring out the tools.  He said: “Learn the tools by pushing the buttons in the dialogue box.”  “You won’t know them until you get out of your comfort zone and try them.”

Here’s a short list of our favorite “tips”:

  • Toolbox parts.  How to make toolbox parts into “regular” parts.  This was a totally new topic for me.
  • Wires and tubing in Exploded Assembly.  A quick and easy way to generate the picture that you need for your documentation.
  • Pesky Filleting Problems?  Forget the FilletExpert, learn how the tools work and then do it yourself!
  • Pierce mate reference.  It’s an Ice Pick!
  • Check out the LinkedIn group’s conversation to share your favorite Tip.