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One thing i just recently started doing, as a refresher, is starting to go through the simple (and some not so simple) tutorials in the Help menu of SolidWorks.  Just click Help, SolidWorks Tutorials.  I find that just going to the All Tutorials button first is best. Tutorials-ALL.PNG If you don't have SolidWorks premium (like i don't currently) there may be a few you cannot do.  There's a few i will probably never use, but for the remainder I want to stay up to date.  For example, i really don't do very many animations, maybe three or four per year, but when the time comes to do one i don't want to be wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to at least get started.  I did the animation one yesterday and it's 18 slides, takes about 15 minutes and covers animations with two different assembly files.  I now figure I can at least make a simple animation if the situation arises.  Tutorials-Animation.PNG

There are a lot of ways to stay up to date in SolidWorks; help menu, user groups, YouTube, google, tutorials, training classes at your var, etc...  I find the tutorials to be pretty decent, all the training files are downloaded to your hard drive when you install SolidWorks, and the tutorials show you where to browse and open them, splits the screens automatically if you only have one monitor.  One or two a day won't be too difficult for me, even with a busy schedule, then repeat as needed.

There's also CSWA and CSWP tutorials for getting ready for your certifications.  Enjoy tutorials, a great way to stay up to date in SolidWorks!Tutorials-CSWX.PNG

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