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Chand Sukumar
Hi, I want to design a model like in the picture below. I tried using extruding the base model but i need to cut certain to parts to obtain a final model as in the image below. Can anyone help me in this situation? I'm attaching my sole model part file also. Thanks in Advance
John Nightlingrer III
I have tried,"Moving Face" then picking a number of surfaces to be moved but, it is adding material which is making the opening in this panel smaller. If I "Move Face, Rotate, 40 degrees" for a single face it works great but, I have about 500 faces to move on one panel and I have about 35 panels total to do.
Lokesh Dhanasekaran
Hi, so what I am planning to do is making a  screw where the thread profile for the screw is not continuous but its discontinuous. I have no idea how to make the extrusion at an angle of 30 degrees. Below is an attached document of the specifications. The thread profile has to be a square.
Shawn Gaul
the extrusion  thickness is determined by a function value 0.25,the part is in ips unit, when converted to mmgs unit, the thickness maitain to be 0.25mm. I'm using 2016sp3 ,what could I do?
Ganesh Subbaraman
Hello Everyone, I have read a lot of feedback and forums on choosing the right laptop for running SW. I was about to finalize on the Lenovo Yoga Pad P40 till I saw the surface book. The P40 without a doubt is authorized in the SW website, it uses a NVidia Quadro M500M and right configs. However, I am not looking to use SW intensely, primarily… (Show more)