Nicole Walden

November 17th, 2016 11-12 PM - Managing and organizing your engineering data effectively

Blog Post created by Nicole Walden on Nov 15, 2016

Big Data Update!

Managing and organizing your engineering data effectively





Who is concerned about big data in your company? Besides the data being created and stored locally, where else is data saved to? And then how is it located for whatever reason one may have? Why should anyone care as disk space is cheap?

In the case of engineering and new product design the ability to create data often represents a physical part being built or purchased. A little more of a cost impact than say an office doc. Now let’s consider the task of organizing and then locating a particular piece of engineering data. What steps does one go through or not even bother at all. What is the bottom line cost impact for this behavior to go unchecked?

PDM systems today provide companies with a great advantage tackling the task of organizing company data as well as managing visibility, release and control. However data may exist in other repositories unknown to others. How is that data leveraged for possible consideration in a new design? Now consider how many data silos exist in your company that only a few have an idea of what’s inside.

With that said we invite you to join us November 17th for a brief update on the latest release of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional as well as what might be a first time introduction to EXALEAD OnePart (EOP). EXALEAD is an offering from SOLIDWORKS that provides companies with more leverage in realizing less duplicate parts through reuse. Learn how the combination of SOLIDWORKS PDM & EXALEAD OnePart is having an impact on companies like yours.

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