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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a VirtualTester account?

    How do I navigate between tools in the SOLIDWORKS Certification Center?

    What is the difference between standard vouchers and trackable vouchers?

    How do I take my SOLIDWORKS certification test with a standard voucher?

    Once I pass a certification exam, how do I view and print my certificate?

    If I’m not in the online directory for my SOLIDWORKS certification, how do I add myself to it?

    I have two VirtualTester accounts, or I cannot find my certificate in my VirtualTester account. How did this happen and how can I fix this problem?


    The FAQ articles are extracts from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, which contains many thousands of technical articles written by the SOLIDWORKS Technical Services team.  The full Knowledge Base can be searched from MySolidWorks, the Customer Portal or the SOLIDWORKS search box in the application title bar. Subscription is required for access to the Knowledge Base.


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