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Frequently Asked Questions

What resources do I need to take a Certification Exam?

If I do not use the SOLIDWORKS® CAD software or the SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software, can I still take a certification exam with an evaluation copy?

Which commercial version of the SOLIDWORKS software should I use to take certification exams?

How do I install the Tangix TesterPRO client software?

How do I take my SOLIDWORKS certification test with a standard voucher?

How do I take my SOLIDWORKS certification test with a trackable voucher or Event ID?

How do I take my SOLIDWORKS certification test with an exam credit?

Once I begin a certification exam session in the testing client, what is the time limit to complete the exam?

Can I pause a certification exam?

What is the policy on retaking a certification exam?

What will happen if my computer crashes while I am taking a certification exam?

I took a certification exam and my Internet connection failed when the test ended. How do I report my results now?

Where can I report technical issues and enhancement requests regarding the certification testing software?

When I took a certification exam, I entered ',' for every decimal place, not '.' Is this okay?


The FAQ articles are extracts from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, which contains many thousands of technical articles written by the SOLIDWORKS Technical Services team.  The full Knowledge Base can be searched from MySolidWorks, the Customer Portal or the SOLIDWORKS search box in the application title bar. Subscription is required for access to the Knowledge Base.


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