FAQ S-069609: What is the difference between standard vouchers and trackable vouchers?

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What is the difference between standard vouchers and trackable vouchers?



A voucher code is ten characters long. A voucher code gives you the ability to take a certification exam without purchasing an exam credit.


Standard Voucher

You can identify a standard voucher by its absence of the prefix 'T-' or 'P-'. The use of a standard voucher deposits an exam credit into your VirtualTester account. This credit will not expire.

For instructions on taking an exam with a standard voucher, follow this link:



Trackable Voucher

A trackable voucher is characterized by the prefix 'T-' or 'P-'. A trackable voucher has the following differences from a standard voucher:

1. A trackable voucher can be redeemed only from within the Tangix TesterPRO software.

2. The software will share your exam results with the creator of the voucher.

3. When you redeem your trackable voucher, you must start the exam immediately.


For instructions on taking an exam with a trackable voucher, follow this link:



Vouchers have an expiration date of which you should take note. For a standard voucher, you must redeem the voucher before the expiration date. Once the exam credit has been deposited in your account, it will not expire. For a trackable voucher, you must complete the exam before the expiration date.


If you are unsure of the expiration date of a voucher, contact the creator or distributor of the voucher.


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