SolidWorks Featured Author Blog: Dealing with Imported Parts with Existing Fillet Rounds

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Dealing with Imported Parts with Existing “Fillet Rounds”

Inserting bends in an imported body with existing rounds has limitations. The insert bends feature will recognize the rounds as bends. However, because the feature will not recreate those bends, the ability to edit them is limited.

The user has an imported body with rounds (Fig. 1). The imported body already has 1.5 mm fillet rounds. These rounds are very similar to sheet metal bends.


After the insert bends operation, the body’s feature manager displays two bend radii features:

The global part bend radius (this is the one in the sheet metal feature), this has a 12.00 mm value (Fig. 2).



The local/body (feature) bend radius can be accessed by expanding the Flatten-Bends1, RMB and editing any of the two RoundBend features. These have a 1.5 mm bend radius each and cannot be changed. Measuring the bend radius you will see that 1.5 mm is the radius of the arc. (Fig. 1 detail view & 3)




If the user needs to change the existing imported body rounds by changing the part bend radius, we must let the insert bends feature re-create the bends for us. This can be done by deleting and patching the "bend faces" in the imported body. (Fig. 4)



The insert bends feature will recreate the bends. Thereafter, the bend radius will be able to be changed from the sheet metal feature (Fig. 5)




Inserting bends in this way has the advantage of being able to modify each bend individually. This can be done by expanding the Flatten-Bends1 and Editing the SharpBend (Fig. 6)



Unchecking the “Use default radius”, activates the bend radius textbox allowing the individual bend radii change (Fig. 7)



Mario Iocco is a Senior Technical Customer Support with SolidWorks. He has been with SolidWorks for over 14 years.

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