API: SheetMetal:Using Multi-Body Flat Patterns In a Drawing

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This is a VBA macro example that demonstrates how to create drawing views for each sheetmetal body flat pattern feature in a multi-body flat pattern scenario. SolidWorks limits the number of "unsuppressed" (flattened state) flat pattern features to one unique instance, while the rest are to be suppressed. So when using a multi-body flat pattern, which has multiple flat pattern features, you need to create a configuration for each flat pattern feature and have just one of them unsuppressed in each configuration. This download example demonstrates how to create a drawing and separate drawing views for each configured flat pattern feature. The macro uses IDrawingDoc::CreateDrawViewFromModelView3(). No part document is supplied here, just the macro. Please edit the macro for your specific model filename and location for the model and drawing template. 


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