API: eDrawings x64 Control Host Example

Version 15

    The attached Zip file contains an example that uses a Microsoft .NET control to host the eDrawings ActiveX control. This host object uses the version of eDrawings available on the computer.


    Instructions on modifying this example for eDrawings x64 Edition and for creating an eDrawings x64 C# project from scratch are included in the attached Zip file. See the eDrawingsHostControlInstructions.html file included in the Zip file.


    To use the .NET control in other projects, you must add eDrawingHostControl.dll to the Microsoft Visual Studio Toolbox.


    The control is added to the list of components in the Toolbox and looks like:

        toolbox captures.png

    The eDrawings x64 executable will run on both 64-bit and 32-bit computers that have eDrawings installed.


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