API: Using ISldWorks.PostMessageToApplication from C#

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A Visual Studio 2008 example is provided to demonstrate the use of the SolidWorks API method:





from a C# add-in.


For illustration purposes the ModifyNotify event handler for Part and Assembly document is used.
In general little work can be done in the ModifyNotify event handler, as SolidWorks is typically still in the process of making a modification, and the model may not be in a consistent state yet. Hence a message is posted, which is processed later.

Here "later" is determined by which other messages are in the Windows message queue.


The example illustrates the use of a callback data helper class "AddinCallbackData", which makes it easier to get data across from the post site to the processing site.


Other methods involved:





Minimum SolidWorks version:


- for 32-bit  SolidWorks 2010

- for 64-bit  SolidWorks 2011  to be able to use ISldWorks.PostMessageToApplicationx64



Add references to the following Interop Assemblies:




for your version of SolidWorks.

A helper class "Win32" is added to be able to determine on what kind of OS SolidWorks is running:


  32-bit WOW64 on 64-bit

This class uses P/Invoke.


This item is also published as Solution S-054481 in the SolidWorks Knowledge Base.



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