API: How to work with RapidDraft drawings (VBA, VB.NET, C#)

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This example shows how to handle RapidDraft drawings.




RapidDraft drawings may be out of sync with their underlying models. To ensure correct printing and dimensioning of drawings, you need to first detect and then address any synchronization issues.




Check whether the drawing is up-to-date with respect to its underlying model.
The attached macro shows how to use several APIs to check whether a RapidDraft drawing is in sync with its underlying model and if not, to reload the model.


  1. Extract the archive in a convenient location.
  2. Open the macro (VBA, VB.NET, or C#) in the SolidWorks Macro Editor.
  3. In the macro modify local_path_name to point to box_RapidDraft.SLDDRW.
  4. Run the macro.


The drawing file is opened and updated.


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