SolidWorks Learning Resources

Version 13

    Learn more about SolidWorks-related products using the following references.



    Learn more about SolidWorks by viewing the online help for:
      - SolidWorks
      - SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
      - SolidWorks Workgroup PDM and SolidWorks Explorer
      - eDrawings
      - Installation



    Administration Guides

    View the Release Notes, What's New, Installation and Administration Guides, and FlexLM (SNL) information.



    Tech Tips

    Technical tips on a variety of different topic areas to help you be more effective with SolidWorks products.



    API Examples

    Our API (Application Programming Interface) examples show how to use various functions of the API, and also provide macros for everyday use.



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    The SolidWorks Part Reviewer is an add-in that allows a user to walk through a design.